Sandy Primmer (2021)

Photo of Sandy Ternoois Primmer and her husband (2021)

Here are two interviews with Sandy Ternoois Primmer done in 2021. Here is a summary of the first interview done on 6/29/2021:

On June 29th, 2021, Jim Hopkins and Sandi Hamilton went to Broadway Road in Wolcott to interview Sandy (Ternoois) Primmer.  Sandy grew up in Sodus/Sodus Point.  Her mother, Norma Jean (Comstock) Zonneville was a member of the prominent Comstock family in Sodus Point.  Sandy’s dad, Harry Ternoois, has been the subject of some humorous stories from those who knew him best.  Before we began the interview, Sandy showed us around the house.  She has a Sill Stove she still cooks on in the winter.  It was made in Rochester, but the maker was a member of the Sill family in the Point.

Sandy has many photos of local people and places that she has shared with us:

Photo:  “Lippy” Helfer’s bar ( was on the east side of Krenzer’s Marina).  Sandy remembers the planks on the crates that served as the floor.  Several other people have mentioned this “feature” of the place.  One could look down through the cracks and see the fish in the water. Sandy’s grandparents, Lyle and Catherine Comstock are sitting at the bar.

Photo: Masonic Lodge – Ruben Delbert Comstock, Uncle Bob Comstock, and Lyle Delbert Comstock.

Sandy’s great grandfather Ruben Comstock was a conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad.  He was also a Sodus Point justice of the piece.

School photo: In front of the Sodus Point schoolhouse on June 21, 1909.  Sandy’s grandfather, Lyle Comstock, is on the second row from the bottom, second on the right.

Rosetti Paylong LaRock(e) was native American.  She was Mohawk and came from Cornwall Island, Cananda.  Sandy’s great grandfather came from France.  He and Rosetti had two boys in the Civil War.  Willie, the third and youngest joined when he was 16.  He enlisted in Sodus.  He was in the 7th Regiment at Custer’s last stand and died there.  There is a headstone in Rose with his name, “William LaRock.”

Irmina (“Mina”) whose mother was a Clark, married Ruben Comstock.  They were Sandy’s great grandparents.  Mina was a teacher in the brick schoolhouse in 1896.  She later became principal of the brick schoolhouse in Fairville.  Their house was on Rt. 14.  They moved from North Fitzhugh Street to this house.

Photo:  Ted and Virginia La Rock.  Their children Ed and Bonnie.  Taken in 1947 in Tampa, Florida.  (Ed later became a physical education teacher and coach at Sodus Central School.)

Photo:  Three women…Catherine Comstock is in the middle.

Photo:  Four ladies…Catherine.  Mrs. Cook is second from right.

Photo: 1800s.  Four ladies (names on photo) Hattie Espenschied, Blanche Whiting, Neva Hewitt, and Mina LaRock.

Photo: Clinton Sergeant, John DeVoist, Erwin Proseus

Photo:  Ted La Rock’s brother, David La Rock. Owned hardware store in Sodus, George Hall. May and E. Mitchell, John DeVoist and G. Ryan.

(The following will be added.  We needed the large scanner at the library):

Large photo: Tree on end of loop in the Point.

Large photo: The “Sunbeam” – Francis Buys ran the boat as captain.

Large photo:  Walsh House – on the south side of Grieg Street.

Large photo:  Sodus Point schoolhouse

Photo:  Shows front of the train engine.  Several men in the photo including Sandy’s great grandfather.  He is the train conductor and is wearing a coat with many buttons on the front.

Sandy’s fifth great grandfather was Asher Warner.  People in North Rose gave her uncle, Bob Comstock, Warner’s sword that he used during the Battle in Sodus Point in 1813.  Bob gave it to the Sodus Point Museum.

Large photo:  Philo Bro. Blacksmithing shop in Alton.  The photo is from 1836.  The shop was where the Alton Fire Department is now.  This is Sandy’s great-great grandfather holding the hammer and his brother.

Photo:  Bev (DeVolder) Wahl. Beth Bolleman, _______________ DeVolder, Marie (Grosz) Diwispalaere, and Faye Love.

Photo:  Marie Grosz, Faye Love, Beth Bolleman

Photo:  Mrs. Grosz, Mrs. Segar, and Mrs. Arney

Photo:  Joan Hunter and John Whittle

Photo: (1953) Tim Ternoois’ birthday party.  On the bottom-Delbert Comstock, Nancy Comstock, Lyle (“Fuddy”) Comstock, Cheryl, Arloa Comstock.  On the top- Sandy, 2 unidentified kids, Tim, and John DeFries.

Photo: Bonnie and Ted La Rock – Sergeant Street

Photo:  Mrs. Karwick – at the bar in Karwick’s on Grieg Street.  (Most recently site of Marlin’s).

Photo: Laverne Zonneville

Sandy’s dad, Harry, was married several times.  First to Jean Comstock (Sandy and Tim’s mother), Virginia Ford, Pat Norton, _______________, Pat Norton (again), ____________, and then he was with Helen, but they weren’t married.  They owned and operated the Apple Blossom Restaurant in Alton on the corner of Route 14 and Ridge Road.  It was Frederick’s before that.  After Harry and Helen had it, Mick Vininski and his brother Tom ran it.

Colored photo: Four generations: Ruben Comstock (sitting), Bob Comstock, Grandpa Lyle, and Michael (Robert’s son who died at 14)

Photo: Ruth and Bob Comstock – first date.  Ruth was Herb Kallusch’s sister.

Photo:  Later photo of Ruth and Bob.

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Photo of Fred Harrington and his wife Judy

Photo of Herb Kallusch

The second interview of Sandy Ternoois Primmer on 7/6/2021 also included Fred Harrington and Bill Kallusch. Here is the summary of that interview:

Interview: Sandy (Ternoois) Primmer, Herb Kallusch, and Fred Harrington were interviewed by Sandra Hamilton and Jim Hopkins in the Ruth Mills Room of the Sodus Community Library on July 6, 2021.  Sandy, Herb, and Fred shared their memories of the people and places in Sodus Point when they were growing up.

Herb reminisces about the Winter of 1944 when he and his family stayed with his step grandfather on Belden Avenue in Sodus.

Sandy mentions the Presbyterian Church in Sodus, Pete Moore, and her grandmother.

Sodus Point schools never had kindergarten.

Herb:  6th grade (1950).  Mentions Florence Woodard and Faye Love. Story about getting mitten stuck.

Sodus Point school was also later the community center.  Sodus Point would hold an annual Christmas party for the kids.  There was a wood burning stove that occasionally caught fire.

Bill Jimerson

Daisy Jimerson- a Brunix sister.  Marie Gray’s mom, Micky De Vries

George Hauck.

Call to school – older boys would ring the bell.

Rollar skating rink owned by Mrs. Doreen.  Fabian visited.

Hendricke’s store.

Ray Sergeant – skating.

Herb ran under clothesline.

Caddying at the golf course – paid 75 cents for nine holes.

Jack Torrey, Johnson boy, Duane Rainy.

Donkey baseball games.

Girls’ baseball team.

1960’s little league

1968 – 69 -Herb in Viet Nam

Fred was brakeman on the train.  Served in the Navy from 1959 – 62.  Went to more than 20 countries.

Stolen boat and beers

Stu Sill – barges

Chet’s Donut Shop, Thelma Williams’ diner, Uncle Bill’s boathouse

Howie Roberts, Joe Bednar, Donnie Riggs, Charlie Sasser, Marilyn Van Epps

Sentell Street ext., Mrs. Lemley’s eggs

Customs – Dick Hooblian “professional mourner”

Oscar Fuerst

Salzies’ grocery store at the 4 corners

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill

Catherine and Elizabeth Philo – Ziegfield offer

Fitzhugh St. – north end

Grandpa -ham operator

Native American cemetery

Mr. and Mrs. Ward

Bob and Ruth Comstock – fight to save lighthouse from going over cliff in the early


Tremfers – Lakestones

White Hat Bar and Restaurant run by Naomi Still

Sill family

Sherrie Brennan

Saturday nights at the community center.

Sand dunes on beach – eels and poison ivy

While listening to the interview, you may want to view the photos they are discussing. I recommend opening 2 windows on your computer. Click here first to view the photos  and remember you can use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out:

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