Cobblestone Structures in Town of Sodus – Page

A special thanks to Bette Bugni for creating this combined list:


Blending  two Town of Sodus cobblestone structures lists——

1955—“Cobblestone Structures of Wayne County” by V.E. Klahn –on the top

1979—“Wayne County Cobblestone Architecture: Bounty of the Field & Shore”—on the bottom


 1—J. VanBlankenberg  Newark, Sodus Road

        4917 Route 88 originally a smokehouse

 2—Richard Boone  Buerman Road

       Buerman Road Lake and field stones

 3—Israel South Geneva Road

       5895 South Geneva Road   Medina sandstone lintels

 4—L.E. Burlee Route 104

       Old Ridge Road  Red Lake stones, wooden lintels

 5—Alton Church  Route 104

        Old Ridge Road  1851 , church, beautiful stone bands

 6—Collier  Alton Route 104

       8522 Old Ridge Road   “J. Collier 1840” inscribed on stone

 7—George Ellis  Sodus Center

        5549 School Street (Main Street) Addition is gray and black stones

 8—Barn in Sodus Center  Sodus Center Road

        Next to 7480 Sodus Center Road  Large stone barn

 9—Cornwell  South Geneva Road

        5022 South Geneva Road  Multi-colored field stones

10—Keefe   Ridge Road

        6172 Ridge Road  Concrete pilasters instead of quoins

11—Neverless  Ridge Road

         6123 Ridge Road   Red lake stones lay slanted

12—Howard   State & Kelly Road

         7386 State Street Ext. at Kelly Road   Bottom half is cobblestone

13—Raymer   Alton & Sodus Point Road

         6107 Route 14 at Red Mill Road   Lake stone home, fieldstone barn part

14—Haygood   Sodus Village

        6211 Route 88  1840’s interesting attic decoration

15—Doreen  North Geneva  Road

        6563 North Geneva Road at Glover Road  Used as a barn

16—School House   North Geneva Road

         Opposite 6136 North Geneva Road Originally the Wallington Schoolhouse

17—M.C. Cunningham   North Geneva Road

        6250 North Geneva Road  Very even red lake stones

18—Bestard  Wallington

         Old Ridge Road at North Geneva Road  “William Walling 1834”, was an inn

19—Swales Lake Road

         6419 Lake Road  Small 1 ½ story

20—Ellsworth  Lake  Road

        6543 Lake  Road  Rounded red lake stones

21—Preston   Lake Road

         Lake Road   Lovely setting, red stone house

22—Gaylord Barn    Lake Road

         Lake Road   Fieldstone carriage house with #21

23—Jacob Ternoois   Lake & Halcus Road

         Private Road The lake polished stones are mostly red.

24—Grimm  North Geneva Road

         6387 North Geneva Road    Larger stones at the sides

25—Wilson  Middle Road

         Middle  Road   House with decorative lintels

26—Pulver   Maple Avenue   Sodus

        6815 Maple Avenue    Striped, every 6th row is white stone

27—72 Maple Avenue  Sodus

        72 Maple Avenue    Small, concrete pilasters, not quoins

28—Van Winkle  Sodus Center Village

         5584 Sodus Center Road at Main Street   Very early period, once was an inn

29—W.C. Yandow  South Geneva Road

         South Geneva  Road  Fieldstone  bottom, lake  stone top

30—C.M. Cottrell   South Geneva Road

        5577 South Geneva Road   Dark red stone house

31—C.M. Cottrell Barn  South Geneva Road

        5577 South Geneva Road (behind #30)  “J.E. Proseus” over barn door

32—Roach   South Geneva Road

        South Geneva Road     Destroyed

33—Roy Ball   Lake Road

        Lake Road    1 ½ story with a fieldstone   extension

34—Jacob Barkley    Sodus Center

        5539 School Street (Main Street)  No regular joints between the stones

35—not noted in 1955

        7147 Maxwell Road   Front stones slant to the left

36—not noted in 1955

        Shaker Road    Two-story cobblestone wing

37—not noted in 1955

         6599 Sergeant Road at Glover Road  Very early fieldstone

38—not noted in 1955

        7752 Dufloo Road        Charming  setting  1 ½ story

39—not noted in 1955

        Route  14  Cobblestone and frame house


Following are Sodus District Schoolhouses which were cobblestone at one time—–

District #3     Vosbburg   Field Stone   Lake Road and Centenary

District#13   Buerman School on Buerman Road  (destroyed)

District#14    Granger/Cobble Hill School  Maple Avenue—replaced with a wooden school

District#22    Kelly/Bates/Pulver School—6343 Kelly Road –a private home.


typed by Bette Bugni    1/23/2015

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