Lewis H. Clark (1827 – 1902)


Lewis H. Clark was an important person in Sodus in the 19th century. He is remembered for his work as an educator as well as a historian.

Lewis H. Clark information taken from Landmarks of Wayne County, edited by Hon. George W. Cowles, 1895. Chapter XVI, “History of the Town of Sodus”, page 208

Eli Clark came from Massachusetts to this town in 1816, and settled on a farm on lot 9, which he owned until his death in 1871.  Here his son, Professor Lewis H. Clark, was born, September 11, 1827.  Professor Clark was educated in the common and select schools of this town, and in the Walworth and Macedon Academies, studied law in Chicago, and has devoted most of his life to teaching.  He has been principal and a trustee of Sodus Academy several years, and long an elder and prominent member of the Presbyterian church.  In 1873 he was librarian of the Assembly, and 1876-77 was executive clerk in the State Senate.  Professor Clark is a scholarly writer and has assiduously labored in preserving local history.  He has published several volumes, among them being his invaluable Military History of Wayne County.

Lewis passed away on August 6, 1902 at the age of 74. Here is his obituary from the August 8, 1902 Record (use + and – keys) to zoom in and out:

Record, Page5, 1902-08-08

Besides writing the Military History of Wayne County and Churches of Sodus, he was the editor for a book of maps of the Town of Sodus in 1901:



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