Evelyn DeBadts – #2

Photo of Evelyn DeBadts courtesy of Sandi Hamilton.

This 51 minute Interview with Evelyn DeBadts was done on August 1st, 2018 by Bruce and Edie Farrington.

In this interview, this very interesting 89 year young lady reminisces about her life growing up in Alton and also where she has lived for many years on what is now the Lake Breeze Fruit Farm on  Lake Road. Specifically:

  •  Prohibition along Lake Ontario

  • The Sodus Fruit Farm still

  • Underground Railroad stories

  • Speakeasys at Joe’s Place and Eastover Manor

  • WW 2 POWs at Sodus Point

  • Black migrant workers (1950s) as part of the DeBadts extended family

  • later migrant workers from the Caribbean

  • the poignant story of  Evelyn’s collection of figurines of her extended family. Each one has a name and story

See related photos below and you can listen to the interview by clicking the link below. This may take a few seconds to load:



Quite possibly the last unopened bottle of Champagne from the rum running days of Prohibition. Phot courtesy Edith Farrington


Evelyn’s (God’s Children) collection of figurines from her extended family. Each figurine has a name and its own story. Photo courtesy of Edith Farrington


A closer look. Photo courtesy of Edith Farrington




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