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Located at the Sodus Rural Cemetery on Rte. 88 North in Sodus, NY. The Cemetery is on the Left hand side of road just before town limits. The plaque is on the very south part of the cemetery next to the stone Sodus Fountain.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude:  43.226453  Longitude:  -77.068034

The plaque reads:

The Fountain’s Journey

in 1917, the Sodus Women’s Christian Temperance Union raised funds to construct this fountain in front of the Snider House (Sodus Hotel) on Main Street in the Village of Sodus. It served as a simple drinking source for people, horses and dogs. Some say it was to promote the drinking of good old water over the evils of alchohol.

In 1928, the fountain was moved to the Village Park, now the site of the Sodus Central School where it stayed until renovations of the school necessitated its move.

Having no permanent home, the fountain was moved behind the Village Highway Barn where it was stored for several years. The Sodus Rural Cemetery Association offered it a new location at the south end of the cemetery where it was moved in June of 2006 – its final resting place.

A poem was written in later years after its construction and reads as follows:

They called themselves the W.C.T.U.

Bunch of busy bodies, what did they do?

Put up a fountain in front of the Inn

Said “drink the water… not the gin!’

Never did hear them women too well,

Even now they don’t ring my bell.

We used that fountain for horses and dogs,

While sitting at the bar drinking mugs of grog!


David Cooper who had his English class of 1979 write poems for the 1979 Bicentennial of Sodus, had 3 poems written about the fountain:

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