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Located at 10 W. Main Street in Sodus, NY on the front of the Country Hardware store at the site where he was gunned down in March 1906.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude:  43.236490  Longitude:  -77.061970

The plaque reads : In memory of Constable Edward Pullman E.O.W. March 22*, 1906.

*Note this date is wrong. He was killed on March 23, 1906.

From the 2014 dedication to constable Pullman.  Speaking is Bill Critchfield, village police. 
Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Mumby

Comments by Sheriff Virts at Harvest Fest (9/27/14)

Today the Badge of Honor Association of Western New York, Sodus Police Department and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office honor the memory of Sodus Constable Edward Pullman, who was killed in the line of duty on March 23, 1906.

During a snowstorm on March 23, 1906, Edward Pullman, a constable and night watchman was checking buildings in the Village of Sodus.

A band of criminals who had been committing crimes throughout the North East was already at work trying to crack the safe in the Knapp Bank. Three men stayed inside the bank while two stood watch outside. Constable Pullman discovered the break and challenged the perpetrators. Shots rang out, one round from Pullman’s gun striking one of the criminals and one round from the criminals’ weapon striking Pullman in the chest. The thieves hastily dragged Pullman’s body in­side and fled the scene, stealing horses along the way back to Rochester where three of the five were captured by the Rochester Police Department. After a 7 month trial that had national coverage Edward “Big Ed” Kelly, Fred Schultz and James McCormick were convicted. Edward Kelly and Fred Schultz were sentenced to life in prison. Kelly eventually walked away from a work detail at Sing Sing Prison and was never captured. James McCormick was sentenced to 15 years in Auburn Prison for his part in the murder of Constable Edward Pullman.

Thank you for joining us in honoring the memory of Sodus Constable Edward Pullman.

(Note – The date is March 23, 1906 for the date of the incident. The sign is incorrect with March 22, 1906 and I will assist to have it changed.)

To read about the murder of Constable Pullman, click the link below:

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