Bill Bishop – Musicians

Just saw a comment on Facebook about new vs old music which triggered a recalled experience.

In the late 1930s in the space between Joe Gaudino’s and Brownie and Pete’s an itinerant family set up and played and sang honest to goodness country music. I believe they were “dust bowl” victims from Nebraska trying to survive. Mom, Dad and a couple kids, maybe three.

A bunch of us kids, Dan Patchett, Stan Doyle and others hung around watching and in time sort of made friends with their kids. I believe some folks invited them to share supper in their homes and Dan invited one of the kids to eat with him at the hotel. I rode my bike home (Shaver St) to ask if I could do the same, got a yes and rushed back to invite one of the kids and found everyone gone.

Don’t remember if they hung around a day or two or moved on the next day.

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