Taylor Brower – The “Helen Keller” of Sodus Center

Photo from a 1932 local newspaper story


Taylor D. Brower was born on December 11, 1881 and lived in Sodus Center, New York. As a child he became deaf and as a young man he became blind. Despite all of this, he led a remarkably full life and was an inspiration to those who knew him. He learned how to read and write, tell time and communicate with his brother. He had a remarkable memory and would remember 300 people’s birthdays and mailing addresses which allowed him to send out birthday and Christmas cards to them on nearly a daily basis.


In early 1932, a local newspaper ran a story about this remarkable man:


On March 27, 1947, Taylor D. Brower passed away. The April 3, 1947 edition of the Sodus Record ran the following article about him:


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