Pearl Rook – #2 and Bill Huff Jr.

Photo of Pearl Rook courtesy of Edith Farrington

Photo of Bill Huff Jr. (on right) on his way to the interview. Photo courtesy of Edith Farrington.


This is an interview with Pearl Rook and Bill Huff Jr. that took place on 8/31/2015. They were interviewed by Bruce and Edith Farrington. Pearl was 92 years old at the time and talks about her 88 years life on Crescent Beach. This remarkable woman was not only a poet but the author of 5 books. Bill Huff Jr. was a life long Sodus Point resident and is widely known for his excellent photography and worked as a photographer at the Wayne County  Star and later the Lakeshore News. He was 74 years old.


In this 55 minute interview, Pearl and Bill talk about:

  • Living on Crescent Beach for 88 years

  • Possible creation of a new book of her life in the 1930s

  • Winter Walk – In  on Crescent Beach

  • 1960s damage to houses on  Crescent Beach

  • Bill Huff Jr. painting of Pearl’s house

  • Coal shakers and watching the Coal Trestle

  • Pearl’s “Robin” class sailboat built by Bill Kalluch

  • Rum running

  • “Boot Jack” house at the end of the Sodus Point loop

  • Ice boating on the bay

  • Joe’s Place, May DoVille’s ice cream cones, Webster Drug store, Hunt’s Grocery store

  • Newark “Trolley” train to Sodus Point

  • Ed Steurald’s Silver Dollar

  • Buying produce at the Proseus farm

  • Sodus Point fog horn

  • Airplane crashes on the bay

  • John Dulles’s visit to Sodus Bay (the Washington Airport is named after him)

  • Painting the Lotus sailboat

Click the link below to listen to the interview. It may take a minute to load. It is a large file so please ignore any messages about it being too large to check for viruses. Its clean!


Personal Note: On November 27, 2017, Bill Huff Jr. passed away. On that day, Sodus Point lost a beloved citizen and I lost a dear friend. A great deal of the history on is a direct result of Bill’s memories. I hope that in some small measure, this recording will keep his memories alive for future generations to enjoy and learn the history of Sodus Point.

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