Fred Harrington

Photo of Fred and Judy Harrington. Photo courtesy of Judy Harrington.


This is an interview with Fred Harrington that took place on March 11, 2016. He was interviewed by Bruce and Edith Farrington about his life growing up in Sodus Point.


In this 103 minute interview, Fred talks about:

  • Sergeant House Fire

  • Roller skating at the Bayshore Amusement Park

  • Flooding at the loop and baseball park in the 1950s

  • Working on the Coal Trestle

  • Tom Jones and Bill Huff Jr.

  • Viking spearhead and Charles Point

  • White Hat restaurant and the Sodus Point rodeo

  • The woman who didn’t like to wear clothes

  • The professional mourner

  • Childhood pranks and weird deaths

  • Snuff Hogan and Jim Gallagher

  • The Sportman’s Club

  • The Coal Trestle fire

  • Uncle Max stories

  • Whiskey Jim

  • Ice fishing on the bay

  • Betting on the 1st boat to come in the spring

Listen to his fascinating stories by clicking the link below: (This may take a few seconds to load)

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