Sodus North Main Street East

From Sandi Hamilton:

The first one is the corner of Maple and Main on the east side:  Clement’s Drug Store (before that Colvin’s drug store and when I was a kid, Cotanche’s Drug Store), then going down Maple  US Post Office, DeHond’s Bakery, the alley, and VerShoot’s Garage.

Then heading east on Main next to drugstore, Miller and Kramer Dry Goods and Ladies Clothing ( In a 1919 ad, it was Moore-Kramer Co.), Butts and Danford Hardware, Gaylord Bank, RG and E Electric, Curtis and Curtis Law Offices, and Kelly and Kelly law offices…behind these 3 or 4 store fronts, Riggs Jewelry (when I was young, Sid Pearce had a jewelry store where the art bank is now between Kristen’s Nail Shop and the Café).

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