Sodus North Main Street West

From Sandi Hamilton:

Beginning from the west…Mitchell and Norton Undertakers and Furniture, an alley, a double house, alley, Sue Lane Diner ( I think the last name is Lane…I will look in archives.  That’s is the little building to the west of the Teddy Roosevelt photo, alley,  the next square is divided into 3…no name in front part of square, auto show room in middle, and Norma’s Beauty Shop in back third of square, behind it is theater, next to it is arcade…by the way, one of the ads names the theater..Arcade Theater (of course!),  next to arcade, Tinklepaugh Clothing,behind it The Record, Red and White Grocery, Gardner and Fox Clothing, upstairs…Pete Fletcher/ Derry Burke…lots of gambling pool hall (Pete whose real name was “Alfred” lived at 15 Mill Street in the upstairs apartment when we lived at 17 Mill, so I remember him well.)  Catteau Hardware, Atkinson’s Pool Hall Tobacco Shop, upstairs Odd Fellows Hall, downstairs Barber Shop, Catlin’s Meat Market, Knapp’s Drug Store, A. B. Williams grocery, clothing, housewares.

In back of A. B. Williams on Maple Ave….  coffee shop, Bartleson Blacksmith, Rosenkrantz Hotel

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