Glen Proseus (2021) – Sodus Point

 Photo by Edie Farrington – April 2021

Below is an interview done with Glen Proseus where he talks about his life long connection to the Village of Sodus Point and what it was like in the 1940s and 1950s. Please note that when you click on a link to listen to an interview that these files are very large and you may get a warning message that your virus protection cannot check for viruses because of the size. Don’t worry these files are safe!

March 23, 2021

Glen Proseus Interview Summary

Interviewed by Jim Hopkins and Sandi Hamilton

In this 85 minute interview, Glen Proseus who was born in 1935, spent his lifetime  in the village of Sodus Point.

Downtown Sodus Point in the 1940s and 1950s:

  • 1953 – Bay Shore Amusement Park on the site of the old Bay Shore Hotel.
  • Drug Store run by Carl and Lizzie Webster
  • East of drug store – a small gift shop.
  • West of the drug store- Glen’s aunt, Mae Doville, ran an ice cream stand that featured homemade waffle cones.
  • Pierce House – was run by Ray and Gloria Pierce.
  • White’s Bakery to the east, later Emsley’s Bingo Hall (and still later Papa Joe’s)
  • Basket Shop (where Fudge shop is now)
  • Confectionary store (house close to sidewalk)
  • Doctor Pitcher (dentist) – house next to driveway
  • Benoit Bakery (Ruth and Peter) – now an empty lot
  • Norm and Helen Hunts’ Grocery Store (in the 1960s where Lodge is now)
  • Smiley’s Liquor Store (Harold Eyer) – small building on corner of Grieg and street down to yacht club.
  • Herb Kallusch Marina on west curve of Gardenier Lane (Jerry Harris had it in the 60s and Tom and Sophie Lima in the early 80s.
  • Charlie Millers’ paint and hardware store on top of hill across from hotel. Later Hendricske’s hardware store.
  • Post Office site – used to be Arney’s grocery store. Later, Danny Demarco owned it.
  • Four corner intersection – Henry Salze had a grocery story. Dan Phillips had one before him.
  • Radel’s Hotel (Gus and Carrie Radel)
  • Red and White grocery store – building east of hotel.
  • Harris House – next to Miller’s paint and hardware.
  • Gas station – (convenience store today)
  • DoVille’ Boat Livery
  • Ball diamond
  • Steurwald’s (where 650 is today)
  • Red asphalt boat house
  • Leo Helfer’s bar
  • Helfer’s/Krenzer’s
  • Bacorn building
  • Pinky Lee’s
  • Grandview pavilion
  • Joe Blumenthal’s (the Dolphin) and the hot dog stand
  • Peck’s arcade
  • Carl Zeche’s
  • Bill Leper’s dance hall
  • Schieble Hotel (later Karwick’s was on the site)
  • Hotel Comfort
  • Peacock and Throope

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