1950s – LaGasse & Son Gas Station

Photo by Andrew LaGasse

Andrew LaGasse‎ to The Great American Gas Station

February 13 at 8:13 AM

John A. LaGasse and Son, Sodus NY. John was my great grandfather. He built this 4 bay Esso station in 1948, moving from the former Buick dealer building he occupied during the 30s and 40s as a Mobil dealer. Having had Ford factory training in the early 30s he became the local flathead expert for porting, valve jobs and tuning. My grandfather joined him after his service in the Marine Corp during WWII, then again after the Korean War. Eventually my father and 5 uncles would pass through this place, pumping gas after school, helping with repairs on weekends, going out late at night on tow calls, working on and modifying their own cars, etc. I have many fond memories of visiting my grandfather here until he decided to retire in the mid 80s and sold the business. The building is still there and the current owner, who has been there since 1993 builds hot rods and muscle cars.


Darrell Vasseur In 1974 I worked across the street from this place and would rush out after work to get close to the front of line to get gas on even numbered days. Sometimes was quite a wait and had to keep moving up. I remember being here the 1st time gas went over 99 cents a gallon.


Nowadays owned by Don and Deb LeFever. Photo from Google Earth


A special thanks to Deb LeFever for this video on Facebook that shows the expansion that was done to go from LaGasse to LeFever Automotive:


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