Evelyn DeBadts – #3


Photo of Evelyn DeBadts and interviewer Jim Hopkins. Photo courtesy of Sandi Hamilton who also conducted the interview on September  17, 2018. It is 28 1/2 minutes long.


This is the 3rd interview with Evelyn DeBadts where she continues the story of her life specifically:


  • Strange “occurrences”  in her house

  • Her involvement in 4H, the Presbyterian Church and the Health Center

  • Sneaking into Jugs in Sodus

  • Changing times and lack of family togetherness

  • The Bobby Kennedy incident and what really happened

  • Different “entities” in the house

  • 5 generations of her family living in the area


Click the link below to listen to the interview. It may take a minute to load. It is a large file so please ignore any messages about it being too large to check for viruses. Its clean!


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