Additional Business Information

The West side of South Main from the west…Dr. St John, dentist

 and restaurant (in same building), LaRock Barber Shop, Olney (although I

 always heard the name Onley) and Maitland Meat Market, West Harness

 Repair, and Simonelli Shoe Repair on Mill Street (although when I was a

 kid, he was across the street on Mill from where it is shown on the map)

       The East side of South Main:  Hotel, Kelly’s Garage ( a garage was

 there when I was a kid…Bill Duncan had it, then Donnie Brown), don’t

 know written on square for next store, then the alley which is now the

 driveway by Destinations travel,  and then Myers’ Hospital.  From the

 alley down into what is now the village parking lot…it looks like Walt

 Wood Stables, Horse Sales.  I don’t think it was “Walt” .  From Carl

 Webster’s tapes, it might have been “Whit” who would have been Owen

 Wood’s father. Owen had a grandson named “Whitney”, so I am guessing it

 might be a family first name.  Mr.  Wood did have horses down on

 Robinson Road which is down the hill on Mill Street.  Owen Wood and his

 wife that I remember as older people lived at 37 Mill Street.


Additional Information about the Olney Meat Market:

Olney and Maitland Additional Info

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