First Town Meeting (1811) – Page

From the book  Arms’ Crossroads – Wallington  pp 9-10  by The Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse Restoration Committee 1982


Life in Arms Cross Roads continued on as usual until 1811, when the first town meeting in the present limits of Sodus was held at the home of Daniel Arms. This was quite an event for this community, and large numbers of people rallied to little Arms Cross Roads to celebrate. Some families came from as far away as Sodus Point by buggy to make a day of it.

At the meeting officials were elected and the following resolutions passed:

“Resolved that there be raised twenty-five dollars for the benefit of the poor of this town.”

“Resolved that hogs may run at large from the first of November to the first of May being subject to pay for all damage done to be appraised by the fence viewers which shall be sufficient testimony.”

“Resolved that any inhabitants of this town who shall kill a wolf therein shall be entitled to ten dollars-$10.00, and for every bear or wild cat one dollar-$1.00.”

“Resolved that all rams running at large from the first of September until the first of November shall pay a fine of five dollars- $5.00.”

“Resolved that the next annual town meeting be held at the house of Daniel Arms in Sodus.”

It is uncertain whether the low bounty on bears and wildcats was offered because they were relatively harmless or because there were so many of them that a higher bounty would have been too taxing to the people. It was also this event that brought Daniel Arms into the public life, for at this meeting he was elected one of the Commissioners of Highways. It seems that Mr. Arms from this time on retailed liqueur at the town meetings. He truly was a “public spirited” citizen.



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