Neva Bayless (2019)

Old Photo from Neva Bayless showing a 1907 Fire on 18 Smith Street in Sodus


Neva Bayless interview (106 minutes)

done in Oct. 2019 by Sandi Hamilton and Jim Hopkins.

  • Neva Doyle Bayless born in 1922 .

  • Parents were Bertha Wing Doyle and William Wesley Doyle

  • Siblings were Hazel, Virginia, Bill and Stanley

  • Neva’s two daughters are Kathy Bliek and Beth Featherly and Neva’s son is Bob Bayless

  • Sandra Hamilton born 1949 to parents Bernice Burns Hamilton and James O. Hamilton (nickname J.O.)

  • Sandi Hamilton’s sibling is Debbie

  • Sandi Hamilton’s maternal grandparents were James and Elsie Burns that ran the GLF in Sodus and also lived on Mill St.

  • Discuss many families & businesses on Mill St. and some throughout town

  • Memories of growing up in Sodus

Click this link to listen to the interview (this is a large file so ignore any can’t scan for viruses message, it’s OK):


Other old photos from Neva Bayless:

Neva Bayless (Doyle) home at 16 Mill Street in Sodus

Sodus Rural Cemetery and Bird’s eye view of Sodus NY

.Trolley Tracks going down the middle of East Main Street before they were paved over in the late 1940s

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