Pearl Rook – #1

Photo of Pearl Rook in her Cottage on Crescent Beach courtesy of Edith Farrington.


This is an interview with Pearl Rook that took place on 8/23/2013. She was interviewed by Bruce and Edith Farrington about her 85 years life in Crescent Beach. This remarkable woman was not only a poet but the author of 5 books.


In this 59 minute interview, Pearl talks about:


  • Water mail delivery on Crescent Beach going back to 1907

  • Water breakthroughs on Crescent Beach over the years

  • Augustus Hoffman and the Viking spearhead

  • James Fennimore Cooper and his cabin on Charles Point

  • Prohibition and rum running

  • Fish pirates and netting carp

  • Underground Rail Road slave tunnels

  • Charles Point “Commons” games and activities

  • Loss of land on Crescent Beach over the years

  • Selling lots on Crescent Beach

  • Cows swimming from Krenzers to Crescent Beach

  • Raiding the Boy Scouts bonfire on Eagle Island

Click this link to hear the interview. This make take a few seconds to load:

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