Elsie Parsons (1992)

A long time Sodus Point Resident, Elsie Parsons in front of Joe’s Place. Her daughter, Patty Parsons states ” I assume it was taken about the time she graduated from high school or shortly after, maybe 1939 or 40. I love that she is holding a brownie box camera.” Photo courtesy of the Sodus Bay Historical Society Archives


This is a 19 minute segment of Elsie Parsons talking at “Night of Reminisces” that was sponsored by the Sodus Bay Historical Society on October 15, 1992. Elsie was a gifted speaker and in this delightfully informative session she talks about the following:

  • How Sodus Point got its name

  • Colonel Williamson and the origins of Troupville – our village’s original name

  • Sea trade on the lake

  • Early industry in Sodus Point

  • Railroads bring huge changes to our village (1872)

  • Early boarding houses

  • “Letting of rooms” by her widowed mother

  • The trolley comes to Sodus Point

  • Steamboats – bay steams and the lake steamer Arundell

  • Lake Bluff House with its 50 rooms

  • Men’s Sodus Bay Improvement Club – improve our village

  • Women’s Civic Club – improve our village

Click this link to listen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gW48gYGl0ZR7AA33QhEmZdOBv_z1FgHj/view?usp=sharing

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