Lucile Messinger (1992)

Photo of Lucile Messinger as a freshman at Elmira College in 1923. Photo courtesy of Richard and Mary Messinger.


I have added a 8 1/2  minute segment of Lucile Messinger talking at “Night of Reminisces” that was sponsored by the Sodus Bay Historical Society on October 15, 1992. Lucile and her family were one of the original twelve families on Charles Point dating back to the early 1900s.  In this informative and  humorous session she talks about the following:

  • Charles Point as originally Farr’s Island

  • Recreation at the tower

  • Ice house, dances and plays

  • Going to the movie house in Sodus Point

  • Picnics at Chimney Bluff

  • George Helfer and the Driftwood


You can listen to this clip by clicking this link:

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