Housecleaning Sodus Point Style

The World’s Oldest Profession was practiced in Sodus Point in the early 1900s


When I was the Village of Sodus Point Historian, I often interviewed old timers and frequently heard second hand stories of bordellos that existed in Sodus Point over the years. This is unsurprising given the number of sailors, railroad workers, and other blue collar workers at the malt house and coal trestle. Of course this was done semi-discreetly and was never documented. That is why this article from a Wolcott paper is one of the few references on this topic. A special “Thanks” to Chris Trine for discovering and sharing this December 6, 1916 newspaper article. I am not sure if this fuss was caused by the place not being discreet enough or it represented outside competition. You be the judge:


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