John and Susan Peachey (2019)


John and Susan Peachey. Photo by Edie Farrington


Photo of Bruce and Edie Farrington by Mark DeCracker.


Here is a 66 minute interview of Dr. John Peachey and his wife Susan. This interview was done on 9/06/2019 by Bruce and Edie Farrington. At the end we have added some really cool photographs from the Peachey’s scrapebook that go back  to the early and mid 1900s and show what life was like at Locust Grove which is located on  South Shore Rd. near where you tee off for the second hole of the golf course.

Interview of Dr. John Charles Peachey and his wife, Susan by Bruce & Edie Farrington on Sept. 6, 2019.

* John (Jack) Peachey born in 1928.

* Lived and went to school in Rochester

* All years growing up and still spends summers at their family cottage on S. Shore Rd., Sodus Pt.

* Fond memories of summers in the neighborhood and on the Bay and going into Sodus Pt. for ice cream sodas and hotdogs, etc…

* Generational family cottage still enjoyed by extended family.

Click this link to listen to the interview:

Click this link to view historic photos from the Peachey’s scrapbbook (very cool). You can use the + and – keys to zoom in and out on the photos:









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