Dietrich’s Homestead

Dietrich’s Homestead – Interviewed – Saturday December 4th, 2021

Andy and Missy Dietrich

We enjoyed meeting with the Dietrich family as we sat down at their kitchen table to Missy’s delicious cooking for a brunch she prepared for our visit – and we must say – it was fabulous.  But better than the brunch was getting to know these three people that we quickly considered our family in a new way discovering the answers we have all had – how they began, how are they growing so uniquely, and their goals as a business.

We must start this by prefacing their “business”, The Dietrich’s Homestead, by educating ourselves as a community that this small business is threefold –

Dietrich’s Homestead

Silver Waters Crafters

Dietrich’s Bakes

A Homestead for the Community

Everyone has a unique lifestyle, so the way we practice sustainability differs – however there are practices for everyone. We are here to help make food sustainability practical for all. From garden consultations, produce boxes & free food stand to workshops, DIY & u-pick – we work with an amazing group of experts to make your gardening goals a reality.

So, let’s get started.

  1. How and why did you decide to go into this business?

Our first question to Dietrich’s family was if they considered these separate businesses or are they all together? Our answer was a little complicated as we are positive that the things that they are doing within their business must feel at times as well-

We couldn’t have the one without the other two – and vice versa. We started with Silver Waters Crafters, and it came about as a need. We needed the utensils and at the time in the area that we were living, there was literally nowhere to purchase the items that we needed. So, Andy made them.

Shortly after we moved to Sodus, the Pandemic began, and Missy decided to begin baking. Andy serves in the military and was gone quite frequently. It was with this energy that the food bank started. We literally would not have one without the other two. It all falls together.

They both agreed that even from the time that they began dating, they had a desire to farm. They decided together that they would start with what they had and where they were and just keep going.

When they came to Sodus, they both had a vison that came from seeing a need. Missy states the way of life they are creating is not too far off from her own grandfather and father and how they lived.

Andy adds that he strongly feels that food security is a big deal. He worked with AmeriCorps (the Peace Corps, but here in our own country) – and he literally saw people that their only food source was out of a gas station or other convenience store settings. Now we see this all over in our country with our supply chain issues.

They discussed waiting until he retired from the military, and they both came to the life conclusion of “Why Wait?” So, they just dove in and have not slowed down one bit! We must add – WITH a now two-year-old on their back, hip, or helping create!

  1. What is the most important thing that you would like people to know about your business?

Integrity. If we live outside the intent of integrity – we get right back to it.

  1. How did you come up with the name of your business?

Well…Our last name is Dietrich, and the name means Ruler over People. We try to encompass this in every area of our business.

Silver Water Crafters came once we moved here. The name silver craft means love of the land. The Seneca Indian Tribe calls Seneca Lake Silvery Waters.

3.5 Why Sodus?

 We were living in New Jersey and Andy was stationed with his job there. Missy wanted to live in an area that was NOT a city. Andy had a job he was entertaining with the military in Rochester, and they found Sodus on the map. It looked very small, which was what they both desired. He came up and had one home to look at – their current home!

  1. What is unique about your business?

The businesses that the Dietrich’s have started are created for others. Although it has been a lot of hard work, it has been fun to create and see it coming to fruition.

KnC wants people to know about the different areas of the Dietrich’s Homestead – so we went on to their amazing website to show you just some of what has begun here for our community:

After not having community for quite a few years, we moved to Sodus & felt a great need within ourselves. The more people we met over the last year and a half, the more we realize that others felt that need.

I remember one of the first conversations I had with my neighbor, Sandi, I told her that I want to help create a community. She told me of the project’s others have built over the years – which made me realize that whatever I put my energy into must be sustainable for the future.

There is no denying that we live in a very diverse area. There are people that struggle daily to feed their families; there are people that could feed their families 10 meals a day and not blink an eye.

At the very least, food should not be a privilege.

We are here to give our community an opportunity to change how they experience food. From access to creation, dirt to table, our goal is to encourage our community to get to know their food.

We believe that access to good food should never be a privilege, which is what led us to building a free food stand. Everything we grow on less than 1 acre is for others. We have received several generous donations from other gardeners & farmers!

Free Food Stand

We believe that fresh food should not be a luxury item. It should be accessible to all. We have opened a free food stand & offer our harvest and donated harvests to our community!

Our big picture is to create a space for everyone to learn, experience, grow, harvest, cook, preserve & gather. Here are a few big goals we are working towards to serve our community!

Certified Community Kitchen

With fresh food, comes preparation. With a certified kitchen, there will be space for community cooking classes, preservation classes, content creating and space for ANY small business to utilize & grow.

Community Homestead

The land we live on gives us all that we need to live – which is why we want to encourage others to get to know it. Currently, we offer neighbors to come and learn on our small plot. With a larger space, we will be able to offer the community to experience the process, from seed to table. While also giving local gardeners, homesteaders & farmers an opportunity to show off their know-how, with space for workshops & content creation.

Currently we are looking for farm space to expand our grows for next season, to be able to give more. It takes a village to have a village, please email us with any information!

Equality is the most important. There will be an energy exchange program for anyone who wants to come and learn with us.

  1. What makes you most excited about your business?

EVERTYTHING!!  Growth- possibilities. Right now, it is one of the best feelings when people stop by that have started to come get free food every week to grab something from the stand for their family. That is a great feeling.


  1. What is it that you most want people to know about your business?

That we are here – for you. If you have a need, just say and we will connect you to an answer. We will be supplementing, sharing, creating a garden, growing something different to learn about and educate those who want to learn. We want to hand out knowledge to anyone in need. We have the desire to work with others who can contribute. This is for everyone.

You can reach us on our websites:

You can call us at 585-877-2422.


We are on Facebook and Instagram.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to support this amazing local business, we urge you to do so and feel free to let them know that the “Worm Ladies”, sent you 😊.

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