The Day the Trolley Died

The Trolley coming into Sodus on Main Street


The trolley was an integral part of Sodus transportation from 1900 – 1929. At the end of June, 1929, the trolley made its last run from Rochester through Sodus on to Sodus Point and then back.

It was a sad day for many in the small towns it had so faithfully served. On July 5th, 1929 Page 6 of the Record (yes the top of the Page reads June 28, 1929 because they forgot to change the date..oops!), The Observer Observes column nostalgically bids farewell to the trolley. Click the link below and use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out:

Record, Page6, 1929-07-05

Bulletin, this just in: all is not lost!

Thanks to the power of Facebook, info has been received that Car 113 from the trolley line still exists and is being restored. It might be the oldest remaining trolley car in the world!  Read all about it:


In June 2022, Main Street in Sodus was tore up in preparation for repaving. This exposed some of the trolley tracks that were never removed but rather were paved over:

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