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Yukon’s Farm – Interview December 18, 2021

Leslie German

Charlie Duffy

Yukon Cornelius


KnC had the wonderful opportunity to go out and walk the land and see the wonderful play space for the dogs that get to go to dog daycare at Yukon.  It was beautiful and peaceful, which we are sure that with all the dogs there, it would be full of energy!  Yukon Farm provides in-home dog boarding and daycare services to pups of all ages, sizes, and breeds.  When we say in home, the dogs are all in the home when they are not outside romping with the other dogs.  It was so much fun to get to know this wonderful couple that have such a deep sense on knowledge, passion and love for dogs, and all animals.

So, let’s get started.

  1. How and why did you decide to go into this business?

We love dogs –

Leslie – I have been in this business FOREVER!  Childhood dream of being a Vet Tech – working with dogs.  I have worked in dog training, medicine, managed a boarding facility and I wanted to be able to give the private and individualized care we can give here. I love investigating the behavior of the dogs.

Charlie – I did not initially set out to do animal care.  I went to college for philosophy and when it came time – finding jobs in this area is quite difficult.  I wanted to teach but when it came to a point of deciding to go on in my education, I could not see that it was going to go anywhere. I got a part time job at a kennel and was offered a full-time job and of course I said yes.  I was there for a little over 5 years and that is where Leslie and I met! I just got bit by it – no pun intended.  The more that I learned, especially coming in with zero experience, the more I loved working with the dogs. We started fostering and once your life is set up to have several dogs in the house, we thought why not do our own business.  It also allows us to live how we want to live. – Homesteading.

  1. What is the most important thing that you would like people to know about your business?

We love dogs. 😊 Creating bonds – both with the local community and with the people who trust us with their dogs.  They are our dogs too.  That we have dogs that are so ready to come play because they know where they are going.  They cannot wait to get out and run!

The connection – seeing that “our dogs” look at our place as a second home.

  1. How did you come up with the name of your business?

We could not have our business without Yukon.  Yukon is a beautiful big Rottweiler – the manager of Yukon.  He helps us through the whole trajectory.  He has had enough life experience, specific training, and practices that he is a great asset/mentor manager.  We can’t do what we do as far as getting to know the dogs without him.  It is natural that his name would be part of the business.

We love dogs.  😊

  1. What is unique about your business?

We love dogs.  😊  It is a small family owned business.  With no intentions to get big.  We do a 12-dog max and that is where we are keeping it. It allows us to give the level of care and attention to the dogs that we feel is most important.

The dogs live in the house.  We do have crates and we have separate living arrangements.  Everyone has different sleeping arrangements.  (Kate yells out it’s a BnB!!!)  The dogs that are here frequently will come and ask to go in the house and we say – go ahead – go into the house and lounge all over the furniture!

Although Yukon is the manager, he is a “hands-off” manager.  He only works for about an hour – he does not like to micro-manage.

  1. What makes you most excited about your business?

I like dogs. 😊

Leslie – I love to pick at dogs – their behavior. Getting to meet new dogs. Getting to work with everybody new.  Getting to understand what makes them tick.  (So, you are a dog whisperer…)  Charlie – she is naturally very talented at behavior and understanding the behavior of dogs.

We get to work at building the community.

Charlie- we are in the driver’s seat for the whole thing.  We are building something that we dreamt and talked about building.

We love watching the dogs.  We love that the dogs have the freedom to come and do what they do.  They don’t care that we are here at all – they just are here being themselves doing what they do.  We love watching their quirks when they think no one is looking – it never gets old.

  1. What is it that you most want people to know about your business?

We like dogs. 😊  These dogs are our family.  That they come and stay WITH us – they are not in kennels that they are here in our home with us.

There is another side to Charlie of Yukon’s Farm – that KnC wants the Small Business world to know.

Charlie is a writer.  He is open to helping all of us who are in the Small Business community in any way that he is needed.  After our interview, he would love to participate in helping our “tribe” assembling, collecting, developing, and discovering through his writing abilities.  A newsletter came to mind- he can assist in writing with the goal of helping people (whether individuals, municipalities or other – to understand the “old ways” and “old communities” are relevant and practical right now.

Charlie has experience in technical writing, such as business plans/proposals, copy for marking materials, grant writing and even equipment manuals.

If you need assistance with writing things to get approval from municipalities or organizations.  He would like you to know that he is not a professional however he has the knack for this type of thing and has experience from different places that he works.

You can reach us on Facebook @ Yukon’s Farm LLC


Phone:  585-755-8717

Hours: Give them a call at the number provided above.  There is an initial meet and greet interview that is required to ensure that your pup and the other pups will thoroughly enjoy their time together.

7am-6pm Mon-Fri

9am-6pm Sat-Sun Text or email preferred (Hard to answer the phone when we are out with the dogs )

If you haven’t gotten a chance to support this amazing local business, we urge you to do so and feel free to let them know that the “Worm Ladies”, sent you 😊.

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